I just don’t get it Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History shirt. Richards other show is great! This show, “rehab” should be called “how to decorate yourgarage” so boring and so not in line with his fame. Boring, I say cancel it now before it destroys everyone involved. That is absolutely perfect! Gotta have that race track out back to truly enjoy the toys that are likely in that garage. Whats the point in having this fucking garage if it too nice to work in? Theres no way in hell i would do anything in that garage besides store cars…. maybe throw parties if their were no cars in there .Imagine being drunk there. That bathroom would make you throw your guts up. It looks like that bar tho. he would have to huge parties. I thought this page was called Garage Goals? I mean, yeah, the house is cool as hell, but there is not a single picture of any kind of shop space…

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History  Hoodie
Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History  LongSleeve
Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History  Sweatshirt

 Dyslexia means she can struggle with reading and writing, yet with her imagination, she can write the most beautiful stories Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History shirt. She is creative and fun loving, brave and resilient yet often these attributes aren’t celebrated. Instead her lack of focus and concentration sadly become the things that schools focus on. Serens starting a new school next year and we are all so excited, especially Seren. We decided to take the kiddos out of school early and head up north to see the wild dolphins! Just like the dolphins I want my eldest little cub to be wild and free and enjoy this time to just live life! Holidays have always been a struggle for us, but this time, I just know things will be different. I can feel it, I can see it, I’m so excited!! We just got a letter and donation in the mail that has just brightened our day on this gloomy Wednesday! This summer these girls held a lemonade stand and then donated their profits to the Dolphins! We love seeing kids supporting kids!

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