Look at it this way, when the cops pull you over and start beating you, you can represent yourself in court and save a ton on the legal fees. Do you read the things you type before you hit POST, or do you just smash your keyboard andTop Uapb HBCU Black Ivy League Shirt? If you jumped off a cliff, I don’t know which half of you would fall faster. The black side it has chains around its feet, or the jew side, which has pockets full of pennies. So you look like Adam Driver and Eli Roth had a baby from a threesome with a black guy…Yikes man, you got the bad end of the spectrum here.

Top Uapb HBCU Black Ivy League Shirt, Tank Top, V-neck, Sweatshirt And Hoodie

Wasn’t Auschwitz enough schooling for you, Jew?…Or do we need to pull you into the death camps again? You’re so fucking ugly that you need to claim to have graduated from an Ivy League school so people are aTop Uapb HBCU Black Ivy League Shirt. Yo, you an vegan who’s transitioning? Might as well claim that and claim the rest. You’re halfway there….and looks like you could use every minority card available. No need to tell us you’re Jewish, the nose gives it away immediately. I didn’t even know there was a stretchy version of Mr. Potato head.
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