Look at those ticket prices! $5, $4 and $3 dollars Tis The Season For Tamales Christmas shirt. Far cry from what those tickets would cost today. If only the “1960’sSupremes” (sad without Flo), Diana, Mary and Cindy would settle their differences and have that final reunion. “Someday We’ll Be Together!” The album cut “Who Could Ever Doubt My Love” which was also recorded by label mate Brenda Holloway. Their German version of “Come See About Me” is also quite charming. I like them all!!! Making Diana the lead singer was the best business decision Berry made at Motown. Florence was a better singer of R&B, which would sale to mostly Black buyers. Diana’s voice appealed to all and their records sold to everybody. Besides, Diana had the personality and Diva attitude that was contagious!! If I had to pick one, “Come See About Me.” I’m waiting for a real Supreme reunion!!!.

Tis The Season For Tamales Christmas shirt, hoodie, sweater, longsleeve and ladies t-shirt

Tis The Season For Tamales Christmas  Classic Ladies
Classic Ladies
Tis The Season For Tamales Christmas  Hoodie
Tis The Season For Tamales Christmas  LongSleeve
Tis The Season For Tamales Christmas  Sweatshirt

 Your Heart Belongs To Me”! SO great! What about “Breathtaking Guy”!? I still have the 45 with the original long title– “He was a one night love making, next day soul shaking, heart breaking guy! (Or something similar! Best female group ever in my opinion Tis The Season For Tamales Christmas shirt. Loved them since i was little girl watching them on top of pops with their glamorous dresses.Stone love and love child xx I don’t think Diana had the best voice either but she had the stronger dominance xx The Supremes wouldn’t be the Supremes without any of them xx in the same token I don’t think Diana made the Supremes the Supremes made her if that makes sense xx. I figured donnie darko out after only my fourth time watching it and i also understand most of the complex and nuanced jokes in rick and morty. cool but I’d be more impressed if he could draw me. like one of his French girls (HA first to make the reference hehe). I haven’t seen Donnie Darko but like isn’t that just frank’s head on morty‘s body? I don’t know if I would consider that “Donnie Darko style.

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