Not OP, but in a lot of progressive music, the chord progressions don’t follow the “standard”. If you look at a lot of pop songs, the Official Love My Corpsman Shirt is typically I-V-vi-IV, of the key, then the fifth, then the minor fourth, ending in the sixth. This is such a popular progression because it creates happiness or hopefulness for the listener. Music theory explains this because the I and V sound ‘up’, then the minor fourth creates uncertainty, but resolves with the sixth, creating a rush of dopamine because it sounds good– it resolves.

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Prog music knows these rules for what sounds good, but instead of taking the next logical chord in the progression, use the second best or third best sounding chord and progress from there, switching up the Official Love My Corpsman Shirt and time signatures as they go, making it somewhat unorthodox. This is very similar to how classical composers wrote their music. They knew the rules and broke them in creative ways to make things interesting or to invoke different emotional responses from their audience.

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I read that in Ian McAllen’s voice. If I had, if I would give gold. Reading this is like starting another segment of a puzzle, I didn’t have the starting pieces of the segment but knew they missing. Let me give you anOfficial Love My Corpsman Shirt that made many things about music theory finally make sense. This may be oversimplified and boring if you know anything about music theory, but I wish someone had explained it to me before I started studying, and I hope it helps someone.
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