Although the whole early-dev thing is unbelievable and unrealistic at all. Then I still have some hopes up about this. That complete bullshit or some sort of theOfficial Llater Llosers Vintage Shirt. Just to be clear, I am not saying the game is going to be released in 2 years. Even though I possible scenario. And It just saying that R* might have weird definitions on what early and full development is for the. Also, GTA V apparently took 5 years of development, so keep that in mind. Honestly, I’d rather them take as much time as possible. Why rush the game? The people who demand it now are just childish.

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Yeah, I agree, but I also understand most people here. And it’s almost 7 years since the GTA V release. is desperate for a new GTA. But in the end, I agree, they should take their time to release a completeOfficial Llater Llosers Vintage Shirt and not some unfinished bs. Developing. Putting cutscenes together, coding everything the way it has to be… Basically what most mods do, but not for a mod but for a game which doesn’t exist yet, so they can’t just copy the code basically. But the interesting bits, like the setting, the story, all that is basically done, and just subject to small changes.

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I am this close to getting inside rockstar’s office taking pictures of development time and shoving it up your eyes. It is 2013, 6 started in 2013! They did the same with previous games before, they can work on multiple games, they are not stupid to start it now. Is theOfficial Llater Llosers Vintage Shirt clear? Do you get it? Understand? Because they’re getting on these days. They’ve been developing games for over 20 years. They’ll get to a point soon where a lot of the current staff will probably either want to make something different or move on. That Walt Disney guy is a pretty old wonder.
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