est for a Nice Proud To Be A Trump Shirt  second. Harry patted her shoulder in reassurance. The others watched, transfixed, as Harry and Voldemort talked. Harry, the Harry that was • 405 • watching, looked around at other details. He could hear phoenix song in the background. The horizon was dark and indistinct. Harry focused on Voldemort’s appearance and expressions; he saw details about how they changed throughout the professors didn’t react, but the others all flinched. Ginny, standing next to Harry, buried her head in his ch conversation. Ginny clung to Harry in sympathy as she watched.

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The dream stopped a Nice Proud To Be A Trump  Shirt  couple of seconds after Harry was hit by the Curse, which caused Harry’s friends to flinch again. They were in an empty graveyard. Ginny put an arm around Harry. “You were amazing, Harry,” Hermione said softly. “I don’t know how you did that, stayed calm like that.” “I want this to be over,” Harry said simply. “I have to focus on doing whatever I can to make that happen. It’s a big motivator.” “I now must ask the four of you to exit the Pensieve,” said Dumbledore. “I would like to see it again, and discuss sensitive matters




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